Round Cake Sizes

6"     Servings  6 - 8

8"   Servings  10 - 12

10"   Servings  12 - 16

12"   Servings  25 - 35

Sheet Cake Sizes

1/2 Sheet      Servings  50 - 60

3/4 Sheet      Servings  75 - 80

Full Sheet     Servings  100

Strawberry Short Cake

Layers of yellow sponge cake filled with strawberries galore and topped with homemade whipped cream;          A classic cake done to perfection

Strawberry Peach Shortcake

Light layers of yellow sponge cake full of peaches, strawberries and fresh homemade whipped cream

Mixed Berry Shortcake

An explosion of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and our homemade whipped cream, all between light yellow sponge cake.

Chocolate Ganache

Our signature logo cake at Cousin John's Bakery! Three layers of chocolate sponge cake are brushed with Kirsch liquor, a cherry flavored brandy. Filled with layers of    chocolate ganache filling!!

Chocolate Double Mousse

Double all the way! The best chocolate sponge cake layered high, with a smooth white chocolate mousse, and a decadent dark chocolate mousse. The perfect duo!

Chocolate Flourless

A chocolate lovers dream, a cake made only of decadent, rich chocolate and butter - indulge yourself

Oreo Cake

A cookies lovers dream! The chocolate cake you know and love filled with homemade whipped cream over flowing with Oreo cookie crumbles... All you need is a glass of milk.

Sacher Cake

Sacher sponge with a layer of apricot jam topped with chocolate gauche

Carrot Cake

This two layer cake is full of fresh shredded carrots, nuts, spices, and raisins for extra sweetness. Dressed inside and out with cream cheese icing.

Red Velvet

Traditional Southern cake made with real vanilla, Dutch cocoa powder, and the secret which gives this cake a unique texture all it's own. Between its decedent red layers is a sweeten cream cheese icing.

Coconut Cream Cheese

Yellow sponge cake layered with coconut cream cheese inside and out.

Strawberry Fantasy

Creamy and light strawberry mouse between chocolate sponge cake with a layer of chocolate ganache sitting atop With an addition of chocolate strawberries.

Black Forest

An adult twist on the classic chocolate cake. This dark and rich cake is filled with brandied cherries and fresh whipped cream on top.

Grand Mariner

Our yellow sponge cake soaked with Grand Marnier. Between the layers of cake lay mandarin oranges, and a rich butter cream filling.

Velvet Mousse

Our rich chocolate mousse is given a splash of rum, which rests between its black and white stripped siding. The cake is topped with milk chocolate shavings, and dusted with powdered sugar

Plain Cheesecake

Our secret...the Greatest cheese cake of New York. Creamy, heavenly, cheese cake, rests atop are moist graham cracker crust.

Fruit Cheesecake

Our traditional cheese cake topped with fresh fruit and its sides covered in almonds or pistachios.

Marble Cheesecake 

Rich chocolate ganache swirls in our plain cheesecake.

Pumpkin Cheese

Our seasonal fall time favorite,

a mix of pumpkin, spices and our creamy cheesecake


A mixture of yellow cake & sprinkles gives the cake sponge a confetti look Frosted with our buttercream icing

Tres Leche

A rich Spanish style cake, our sponge soaked in 3 types of milks along with spices to enhance the flavors, iced with our signature meringue


Almond sponge, mocha butter cream, and chocolate ganache on top all dusted with cocoa.


Almond sponge, vanilla butter cream, raspberry preserves, with a white chocolate topping.

Tri-Color Cake

3 Layer almond cake in colors red, yellow, green with a layer of apricot & raspberry jam. Covered with ganache icing

Strawberry Custard Brioche

A soft high pile brioche bun filled with our velvety custard and fresh strawberries